We are offering a range of theses in our group to motivated students. Please visit our Research page, then check with the researcher focusing on "your field of interest" for the available projects.

Available Theses

Completed Theses

Completed Theses

  • Market Opportunities for Printed Electronics
    MA: dated 08/2018, Supervisor: Andreas Albrecht.
  • Fully printed gas sensors on flexible substrates: Fabrication and Frequency characterization
    MA: dated 04/2018, Supervisor: Rivadeneyra-Torres.
  • Screen-Printing of Multilayer Electronics
    MA: dated 04/2018, Supervisor: Andreas Albrecht.
  • Growth of Silver Nanowires for Transparent Electrodes
    MA: Supervisor: Marco Bobinger.
  • Transparent Thermocouples based on Spray-coated Nanocomposites – Experimental Setup and Characterizations
    MA: dated 09/2017, Supervisor: Andreas Albrecht.
  • Multi-layer screen-printed shear force sensors
    BA: dated 04/2017, Supervisor: Andreas Albrecht.
  • Organic solar cells with solution-processed silver electrodes
    MA: dated 12/2016, Supervisor: Marius Loch.
  • Optimization of printed HF antennas for wireless power transfer applications
    BA: dated 10/2016, Supervisor: José Fernández Salmeron.
  • Wireless Sensor Network for CNT-FET environmental sensors
    MA: dated 10/2016, Supervisor: Vijay Bhatt.
  • Android application for reading out HF RFID tags
    BA: dated 09/2016, Supervisor: Almudena Rivadeneyra.
  • Near-Field Scanningof Radiated Electromagnetic Interference
    MA: dated 02/2016, Supervisor: Johannes Russer.
  • Bandgap Engineering for Graphene via Organic Solid Wetting Deposition
    MA: dated 01/2016, Supervisor: Markus Becherer.
  • Fabrication and Encapsulation of Organic Photodiodes on Flexible Substrates
    MA: dated 12/2015, Supervisor: Bernhard Fabel, Paolo Lugli.
  • Short-channel organic thin-film transistor with transfer-printed metal top-electrodes
    MA: dated  10/2015, Supervisor: Tobias Haeberle.

  • MA: dated 10/2015, Supervisor: Enzo Kopperger (Friedrich Simmel), Paolo Lugli.
  • Study of adhesion at the GaAs/Au interface for MBE-nTP applications
    BA: dated 10/2015, Supervisor: Kai Saller.
  • Herstellung u.Charakterisierung metallischer Nanostrukturen mit Hilfe von Nanoimprinting-Lift-off-Verfahren für elektrokatalytische Anwendungen. Fabrication and characterization of metal nanostructures using nanoimprinting lift-off technologies for electrocatalytic applications
    BA: dated 09/2015, Supervisor: Robin Nagel.
  • Development and Characterization of a Photon Detection Efficiency -Test Stand for Silicon Photomultipliers
    MA: dated 09/2015, Supervisor: Bernhard Fabel / Paolo Lugli.
  • Variability in Silicon Nanowire FETs
    BA: dated 05/2015, Supervisor: Paolo Lugli.
  • Resistivity Measurement of GaAs Stamp Nanotransfer Printed Gold Thin Films
    BA: dated 05/2015, Supervisor: Kai Saller.
  • Alternative Dielectrics for Organic Thin Film Transistors
    BA: dated 03/2015, Supervisor: Bernhard Fabel.
  • Advanced Characterization of CNT Thin-Film Based Gas Sensors
    BA: dated 01/2015, Supervisor: Ahmed Abdelhalim.
  • Fabrication and Characterization of Flexible and Tandem Organic Solar Cells
    MA: dated 01/2015, Supervisor: Paolo Lugli.
  • Process Development for the Fabrication of Carbon Nanotube Thin-Film Transistors
    MA: dated 01/2015, Supervisor: Alaa Abdellah.
  • Inkjet Printing of Silver Nanoparticles and Photonic Sintering
    MA: dated 01/2015, Supervisor: Alaa Abdellah.
  • Fabrication and Characterization of Fully Sprayed OPDs for Fiber Optic Sensing
    MA: dated 10/2014, Supervisor: Aniello Falco.
  • Design, fabriction and characterization of high efficiency organic solar cells based on low-band gap materials
    BA: dated 10/2014, Supervisor: Francesco Arca.
  • Spray Deposition Of Graphene Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Films With A Modulated Work Function
    MA: dated           , Supervisor: Paolo Lugli.

  • MA: dated 10/2014, Supervisor: Kai Saller
  • Spray Deposition of Silver Nanowires for Transparent Conductive Thin-Films
    MA: dated 09/2014, Supervisor: Alaa Abdellah.
  • MBE Nano Transfer Printing of Field-Effect Transistorstructures
    MA: dated 09/2014, Supervisor: Kai Saller.
  • Ethanol Sensors based on Enzyme-Modified  Electrolyte-Gated Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors
    BA: dated 09/2014, Supervisor: Katharina Melzer.
  • Towards TUMino: Design and Fabrication of a Smart Sensor Node
    BA: dated 09/2014, Supervisor: Bernhard Fabel.
  • Characterization and Calibration of Carbon Nanotube Based CO2 sensors for an Energy Harvesting Based Wireless Sensing Device
    BA: dated 09/2014, Supervisor: Bernhard Fabel.
  • Experimental Procedure of DielectrophoreticCarbon Nanotube Assembly
    BA: dated 09/2014, Supervisor: Bernhard Fabel.

  • DA: dated 09/2014, Supervisor: Alaa Abdellah.
  • Principal Component Analysis Applied to Stochastic Electromagnetic Fields
    BA: dated 08/2014, Supervisor: Johannes Russer.
  • Simulation of electrically pumped gaAs nanowire lasers
    BA: dated 08/2014, Supervisor: Jonathan Finley, Dan Popescu, Bogdan Popescu.
  • Lab-On-A-Foil - Disposable, Pont-of-Care Diagnostic System Based on Pathogen Genotyping of Myco-bacterium Tuberculosis
    MA: dated 07/2014, Supervisor: Paolo Lugli.
  • Entwicklung u. Evaluierung einer mehrstufigen breit-bandigen Konversionseinheit bis 9 GHz
    MA: dated 07/2014, Supervisor: Johannes Russer.
  • Realisierung einer schnellen Signalwandlerelektronik zur Anwendung in Röntgenstrahl induzierten Absorptions- u. Photoelektronenspektroskopie
    BA: dated 07/2014, Supervisor: Paolo Lugli, Lackinger.
  • Nanoparticles via Laser Ablation for Solar Cells
    BA: dated 06/2014, Supervisor: Paolo Lugli / Peter Müller-Buschbaum.
  • Inkjet Printing of Carbon Nanotube Thin-FilmsMulti Ion-Sensor Array based on Membrane-Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors
    BA: dated 05/2014, Supervisor: Katharina Melzer.
  • Kinetic Monte Carlo Modelling of Bulk-Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells
    DA: dated 05/2014, Supervisor: Alessio Gagliardi.
  • Theoretical Analysis of Photon Assisted Metal-Oxide-Metal Tunneling Diode Structures
    MA: dated 05/2014, Supervisor: Christian Jirauschek.
  • Gekoppelte Drift-Diffusion/Poisson-Boltzmann Simul-ation von Elektrolyt-gesteuerten organischen Dünn-schicht-Transistoren / Coupled Drift-Diffusion/Poisson-Boltzmann simulation of electrolyte-gated organic thin film transistors
    MA: dated 03/2014, Supervisor: Paolo Lugli.
  • Transfer Printing of Metals for Electrical
    MA: dated 03/2014, Supervisor: Tobias Haeberle.
  • Optimization of the Transmission of One-Dimensional Gold Gratings
    BA: dated 03/2014, Supervisor: Christian Jirauschek.
  • Experimental characterization of a Photovoltaic Concentrator (CPV) based in the Fresnel-Kohler configuration
    MA: dated 02/2014, Supervisor: Paolo Lugli.
  • Fiber Optic Temperature Effects for Compensation of Strain Measurements
    MA: dated 02/2014, Supervisor: Paolo Lugli
  • Towards high efficiency organic solar cells: P3HT and low band gap polymer PCPDTBT with processing additive DIO
    MA: dated 12/2013, Supervisor: Francesco Arca.
  • Investigation of Stochastic Electromagnetic Field Propagation
    BA: dated 12/2013, Supervisor: Johannes Russer.
  • Simulation eines DFB-Resonators mit Metall-Gitter für Oberflächen emittierende THz Quantenkaskadenlaser
    BA: dated 11/2013, Supervisor: Christian Jirauschek.

  • DA: dated 11/2013, Supervisor: Alla Abdellah.
  • Label-free Electronic Biosensing with Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors

  • Modeling of adsorption packed-bed reactor for dehum-idification system
    MA: dated 11/2013, Supervisor: Paolo Lugli, Ch. Futter.

  • MA: dated 10/2013, Supervisor: Paolo Lugli.

  • DA: dated 10/2013, Supervisor: Giuseppe Scarpa.
  • Hardware Design of a Passive Battery-Management-System
    BA: dated 10/2013, Supervisor: Bernhard Fabel.
  • Firmware Implementation of a Passive Battery-Management-System
    BA: dated 10/2013, Supervisor: Bernhard Fabel.
  • Theoretical Analysis and Simulation of Diffraction Gratings for Thin Film Solar Cells
    BA: dated 09/2013, Supervisor: Christian Jirauschek.
  • Fabrication, Characterization and Optimization of Encapsulated Carbon Nanotube Thin Film Based Temperature Sensors
    BA: dated 09/2013, Supervisor: Bernhard Fabel.
  • Flexible Tastsensoren basierend auf Dünnschichten aus Kohlenstoff-Nanoröhren
    BA: dated 09/2013, Supervisor: Paolo Lugli.
  • Eine Low-Power-Schaltung für Carbon Nano-tube Sensoren auf der Basis einer Energy Harvesting Funkplattform
    BA: dated 08/2013, Supervisor: Bernhard Fabel.
  • Entwurf, Herstellung u. Charakterisie-rung von gedruckten Antennen u. Korrelationsmessung der Nahfeld-störemissionen
    DA: dated 08/2013, Supervisor: Paolo Lugli, Johannes Russer.

  • BA: dated 08/2013, Supervisor: Bernhard Fabel.

  • BA: dated 08/2013, Supervisor: Bernhard Fabel.
  • Ortsaufgelöste Serienwiderstands-bestimmung von III-V Mehrfachsolarzellen mittels Elektro- u. Photolumineszenz
    DA: dated          , Supervisor: Paolo Lugli.

  • BA: dated 07/2013, Supervisor: Paolo Lugli.
  • Design and Realization of a Novel Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Solution
    MA: dated 07/2013, Supervisor: Bernhard Fabel.
  • Switching Behavior of Co/Pt Nanomagnets
    BA: dated 05/2013, Supervisor: Paolo Lugli.
  • Scalable Spray Deposition of Carbon Nanotube Thin-Film Transistors
    DA: dated 05/2013, Supervisor: Alaa Abdellah.
  • Gate Dielectric Applications of Mica
    MA: dated 04/2013, Supervisor: Paolo Lugli.
  • Nahfeldmessungen von elektromagnetischen Interferenz/Near-Field Measurement of Electromagnetic
    MA: dated                , Supervisor: Paolo Lugli.
  • Fiber optical detection method for the switchSENSE technology
    DA: dated 04/2013, Supervisor: Paolo Lugli.
  • Fabrication and Characterization of Organic Devices for Biosensing Applications
    DA: dated 04/2013, Supervisor: Paolo Lugli.
  • Realization and characterization of Si-CNT hybrid solar cells
    DA: dated 12/2012, Supervisor: Giuseppe Scarpa.
  • Scalable Spray Deposition of Carbon Nanotube Thin-Films
    BA: dated 11/2012, Supervisor: Alaa Abdellah.
  • Investigation of Stochastic Electromagnetic Noise Sources
    BA: dated 10/2012, Supervisor: Giuseppe Scarpa, Johannes Russer.
  • Manufacturing of Full Carbon Nanotube Thin Film Transistors
    BA: dated 10/2012, Supervisor: Alaa Abdellah.
  • Modeling of Carbon Nanotube Films Antennas
    MA: dated 10/2012, Supervisor: Johannes Russer.
  • Fabrication and optimization of carbon nanotube based gas sensors with different device geometries
    MA: dated 10/2012, Supervisor: Alaa Abdellah.
  • Nanopatterning Using Nanoimprint: Lithography And Nanotransfer Printing: an investigation on the reusability of the stamps
    BA: dated 09/2012, Supervisor: Giuseppe Scarpa, Benedikt Weiler.
  • Towards a reproducible detection microarray for point-of-care ELISA tests
    BA: dated 07/2012, Supervisor: Paolo Lugli.
  • Design and Characterization of On Die Paramenter (ODP)
    BA: dated 06/2012, Supervisor: Bernhard Fabel.
  • Reliability and Reprocucibility of Solution Processable CNT Thin-Film Transistors
    BA: dated 06/2012, Supervisor: Bernhard Fabel.
  • Graphene Field Effect Transistors on Flexible Substrates
    BA: dated 06/2012, Supervisor: Paolo Lugli.
  • Analysis of anhydrous and non-anhydrous electrolytes for dye sensitized solar cells
    MA: dated 04/2012, Supervisor: Paolo Lugli.
  • Development of a mobile system for detecting and measuring ionizing radiation with GaN semiconductors
    BA: dated 03/2012, Supervisor: Paolo Lugli.
  • Modeling, Characterization, and Correlation Analysis of Electromangetic Near-Field Emissions
    MA: dated 02/2012, Supervisor: Johannes Russer.
  • Wafer Scale Fabrication and Evaluation of Carbon Nanotube Thin-Film Transistors
    BA: dated 11/2011, Supervisor: Bernhard Fabel.
  • Charakterisierung organischer Leuchtdioden
    BA: dated 10/2011, Supervisor: Giuseppe Scarpa.
  • State-of-the-art high power laser development - Observation and control of phase matching in optical parametric chirped pulse amplification
    MA: dated 10/2011, Supervisor: Christian Jirauschek.
  • Dynamic Characterization of Organic Photodetectors
    BA: dated        2011, Supervisor: Giuseppe Scarpa.
  • Fabrication of Carbon Nanotube Thin-Films on Flexible Substrates: Spray Deposition and Transfer Printing
    MA: dated 09/2011, Supervisor: Alaa Abdellah.
  • Nanoimprint Lithography for Organic Devices
    MA: dated 2011, Supervisor: Giuseppe Scarpa.
  • Organic Devices for Biosensing Applications
    MA: dated 2011, Supervisor: Giuseppe Scarpa.
  • Organic Thin Film Transistors using Vertical Nano-phase Separation and Locally Doped Contacts
    MA: dated 11/2010, Supervisor: Giuseppe Scarpa.
  • Organic Schottky and Hetero-junction Diodes based on Pentacene and PDCI Derivatives
    MA: dated 10/2010, Supervisor: Giuseppe Scarpa.
  • Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Films for Flexible (Opto-)Electronic Devices
    MA: dated 10/2010, Supervisor: Giuseppe Scarpa.
  • Development of a Massively Parallelized Micromagnetic Simulator on Graphics Processors
    MA: dated 10/2010, Supervisor: Bernhard Fabel.
  • Development of N-channel Organic Thin film Transistors based on Perylene Derivates for Roll-to-Roll Process
    MA: dated 10/2010, Supervisor: Giuseppe Scarpa.
  • Thin-Film Transfer Printing for Organic Photovoltaic Devices
    MA: dated 09/2010, Supervisor: Alaa Abdellah.
  • AFM Nanolithography
    MA: dated 09/2010, Supervisor: M. Atyab Imtaar.


MA: Master Thesis, BA: Bachelor Thesis, DA: Diploma Thesis,
FP: Forschungspraxis, IP: Ingenieurpraxis