Team Members at the Chair Of Nanoelectronics

The Institute Of Nanoelectronics on a field trip excursion to the Libera Università di Bolzano, Professor Paolo Lugli, Rector of the University, at Bozen-Bolzano, Italy, in 10/2017 (Photo: Marius Loch TUEINAN)


Our fax number is +49 (89) 289 - 25337.

Lugli, Paolo; Prof. Dr. +49 (89) 289 - 25332 E-mail kein Bild
Temporary Head
Becherer, Markus; Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. +49 (89) 289 - 25335 E-mail room N1823 kein Bild
Maier, Susanne; M.A. +49 (89) 289 - 25333 E-mail room N1815 kein Bild
Chemical-Technical Assistant (CTA)
Mittermeier, Rosemarie +49 (89) 289 - 25339
+49 (89) 289 - 52764
E-mail room N1819 kein Bild
Scientific Researchers (Post-Docs)
Bhatt, Vijay Deep +49 (89) 289 - 25320 E-mail room N1821 kein Bild
Bobinger, Marco; Dr.-Ing. +49 (89) 289 - 52738 E-mail room 1003 kein Bild
Papp, Adam; Dr. +49 (89) 289 - 25320 E-mail room N1821 kein Bild
Russer, Johannes; PD Dr. habil. +49 (89) 289 - 25435 E-mail kein Bild
Russer, Peter; Dr. techn. +49 (89) 289 - 25370 E-mail room N1820 kein Bild
Visiting Scientists, Hans Fischer Senior Fellow IAS
Goodnick, Stephen; Prof. Dr. +49 (89) 289 - 25334 E-mail room 2965 kein Bild
Porod, Wolfgang +49 (89) 289 - 25334 E-mail room 2965 kein Bild
Doctoral Candidates
Ahrens, Valentin; M.Sc. +49 (89) 289 - 25342 E-mail room N1825 kein Bild
Haider, Michael; M.Sc. +49 (89) 289 - 25381 E-mail room 2958 kein Bild
Kiechle, Martina; M.Sc. +49 (89) 289 - 25420 E-mail room 2958 kein Bild
Mendisch, Simon; M.Sc. +49 (89) 289 - 25420 E-mail room 2958 kein Bild
Doctoral candidates at ZEI, Lichtenbergstrasse 4a (5414)/I, at 85748 Garching
Loghin, Florin; M.Sc. E-mail room 1003 kein Bild
Mock, Josef; M.Sc. +49 (89) 289 - 52739 E-mail room 1003 kein Bild
Doctoral Candidates Scholarships at WSI, Am Coulombwall 4(5112)/II, in 85748 Garching
Bissinger, Jochen; M.Sc. E-mail kein Bild
Golibrzuch, Matthias, M.Sc.                      +49 (89) 289 -  52763
room 1014    
Doctoral Candidates External
Albert, Edgar, Dipl.-Ing.                        
Arcari, Mario
Brändlein, Marcel
Gühl, Marcus
Juhász, Krisztina
Löblein, Manuela    
Rutzinger, Martin, M.Sc.Airbus S&D
Salzberger, Manuel, M.Sc.Airbus S&D
Abdelhalim, Ahmed, Dr.-Ing.Research assistant2011-2016
Abdellah, Alaa, Dr.-Ing.Research assistant2009-2015
Albrecht, Andreas, M.Sc.Doctoral candidate2015-2018
Arca, Francesco, Dr.-Ing.Research assistant2012-2015
Baierl, Daniela, M.Sc.Doctoral candidate2009-2014
Bareiß, Mario, M.Sc.Doctoral candidate2009-2014
Bezzeccheri, EmanueleGuest researcher2015
Blahetek, Katrin, B.A.Secretary Nano2017-2018
Cagatay, Engin, M.Sc.Doctoral candidate2013-2016
Ciceroni, ClaudioDoctoral candidate2015-2016
Colasanti, SimoneDoctoral candidate2012-2016
Exner, Armin Theodor, M.Sc.Doctoral candidate2010-2014
Fabel, Bernhard, Dr.-Ing.Research assistant2009-2015
Falco, Aniello, Dr.-Ing.Research assistant2013-2017
Fallahpour, Amir Hossein; Dr. Ph.D.Research assistant2015-2017
Fernández Salmerón, José, PhDResearch assistant2015-2016
Haeberle, Tobias, M.Sc.Doctoral candidate2012-2016
Harrer, Stefan, Dr.Research assistant2008-2010
Imtaar, Muhammad Atyab, M.Sc.Doctoral candidate2008-2014
Jegert, Gunter Christian, M.Sc.Doctoral candidate2009-2015
Ju, Xuemin, M.Sc.Doctoral candidate2009-2014
Leiner, David, M.Sc.Doctoral candidate2015
Loch, Marius, M.Sc.Doctoral candidate2014-2018
Loghin, Florin, M.Sc.Doctoral candidate2013-2018
Luppina, PietroDoctoral candidate2015-2016
Lyuleeva, Alina, M.Sc.Doctoral candidate2015-2018
Mahmoud, Ahmed, M.Sc.Doctoral candidate2012-2014
Mátyás, Arpád, M.Sc.Doctoral candidate2007-2014
Melzer, Katharina, M.Sc.Doctoral candidate2010-2014
Mukhtar, Farooq, M.Sc.Doctoral candidate2011-2014
Nagel, Robin, M.Sc.Doctoral candidate2010-2018
Nesswetter, Helmut, Dipl.-PhysExt.doct.candidate Airbus S&D2013-2017
Petrelli, Mattia, M.Sc.Doctoral candidate2011-2015
Popescu, Bogdan Vlad, Dr.-Ing.Research assistant2010-2017
Popescu, Dan Horia, Dr.-Ing.Research assistant2010-2015
Rivadeneyra-Torres, Almudena, Dr.
Research assistant2015-2018
Russer, Johannes, PD Dr. habil.Research assistant2010-2018
Scarpa, Giuseppe, Dr.-Ing.Research assistant2004-2014
Schmidt, Morten, M.Sc.Doctoral candidate2008-2015
Schuster, Tobias, M.Sc.Doctoral candidate2014-2015
Schwab, Wolfgang, M.Sc.Doctoral candidate2014
Teymouri, Shokoufeh Ext.doct.candidate idibi GER2015-2017
Thurner, Klaus, M.Sc.Doctoral candidate attocube2011-2015
Todor, Sebatian, M.Sc.Doctoral candidate2010-2013
Yadav, Andani, M.Sc.Doctoral candidate2010-2013
Weik, LuciaSecretary Nano2010-2017
Weiler, Benedikt, M.Sc.Doctoral candidate2012-2016